I have been in the automotive business since I was a teenager. As a young boy I watched my father run his collision repair center. He always had a passion for the refinish on a vehicle and he passed that passion on to me. I worked in a detail shop, then as a certified refinish technician. Later I ran my father's collision center. My dad had a recipe for a car polish that he passed onto me.

After years of making this, some of the ingredients became discontinued. It was then that I started to formulate the recipe for Carolina Reflection. I never could understand why you had to polish your vehicle for shine and then wax it for protection, so I wanted to formulate a product that was able to do both.

After six years of talking to and working with several chemists trying different formulas I finally got it perfected! Now Carolina Reflection offers a superior protective hand polish that gives a mirror shine, as well as, full protection on your vehicle. We also offer a superior speed shine that won't wash away after a couple rains or washes.

Best Car Polish In The Carolinas!